DHHS and Non Government Organisations (Funding Client Sessions)

Our prices are different from the Personal Packages which reflects additional work undertaken to ensure that neurofeedback training is part of a 'wrap around' response to your client. It is essential that workers/carers are aware and support the neurofeedback process. Good communication between service providers / carers and neurowise is essential in supporting the client through their change and growth process. Our fees are still significantly less than other providers and we use the most up to date advance form of Neurofeedback (click here for comparison)

First Session $170. Allow 1.5 - 2 hours which includes rating of concerns checklist, goal development, explanation of neurofeedback and process (worker/carer also present), pre and post baseline recordings of electrical activity within the brain, and initial Neurofeedback session.

If you choose not to purchase one of the packages below the rates are $140 per session.

Package Available (must have had initial session)

1. Five Session Package: $600 includes follow up with key worker, formal progress review with client at their fifth session and reporting progress to key worker (verbally - client permission required). Pre and Post baselines will be taken each session which includes both subjective (client) and CCAC graphs. This package is non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. Twenty Session Package: $2200 includes regular communication with key worker, formal progress reviews with client every 5 sessions, two face to face meetings at neurowise with key worker/carer through out the course of  training, pre and post baselines recordings. We will also be available for phone consults as part of this package.This package is non-refundable and non-transferable.

3. Flexi Package (Cheaper alternative for Multiple Clients) Our FLEXI package is ideal for organisations that are likely to refer multiple clients(Saving of between $4000-$5000). Our FLEXI Package is for 200 sessions,  $20,000 upfrontwhich includes initial sessions and can be used by multiple clients. Please note where 24 hr cancellation notice is not given, a session is counted. We will keep a total of sessions completed and provide you with this record. There is no time limit and this is the most flexible option. This package is non-refundable.


Our Recommendation is that clients who have experienced significant challenges / trauma have between 20-30 sessions. We suggest you initially purchase a five session package for your client. Five sessions will give your client a sense of how neurofeedback is working for them.

We would then suggest a commitment to the twenty session package. The twenty sessions are valid for 1 year.  We strongly encourage all workers who are supporting their client to thoroughly read this website which will assist them in understanding the process and what results they can expect to see for their clients.

Many people have seen the wide ranging benefits of Neurofeedback and your organisation may wish to save between $4000 to $5000 by purchasing our FLEXI Package which can be used by an unlimited number of clients by your organisation.

Funding Application

f you are submitting for a funding application for an individual client, we suggest you submit for a total of 26 sessions which includes initial ($170), 5 Sessions ($600) and 20 Sessions ($2200) for a total of $2970. Feel free to use the information on this website to assist you to complete your funding application. We are more than happy to assist.