Opening Hours

The following times are set aside specifically for neurofeedback. Other times are booked for counselling.

Monday: 9am-6pm

Tuesday: 11am-6pm

Wednesday: 11am-3pm

Thursday: Closed (neg. contracted clients)

Friday: Closed (neg. contracted clients)

Saturday: 9am -12pm (Starting 30th April)

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Take another step in your journey towards GROWTH & WELL-BEING

Today, you have taken another step in your journey towards growth and well-being.

At neurowise Bendigo we provide  the most advanced neurofeedback that can harnesses your brain's capacity for change and growth. This process is relaxing, enjoyable and see's you as your own best expert.

Many have used NeurOptimal neurofeedback to address the negative effects arising from depression, anxiety, ptsd, alzheimer's, autism, sleep issues and other complaints. A growing number of students, olympic athletes and professionals also use neurofeedback to provide that critical edge.

As a result of training with us, many of our clients experience feeling more calm, focussed, energised, confident and able to meet the demands of daily life without the stress and nagging thoughts.